Curriculum Vitae


(Mandarin: 司馬晉; Cantonese: 司馬霑)

 Publications.  Papers/presentations.


Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學.

University Services Centre for China Studies: Honorary Senior Research Fellow中國研究服務中心高级荣誉研究员 (since 2005)

Hong Kong Institute for Asia-Pacific Studies, Adjunct Associate Professor 香港亞太研究客座副教授 (2010-11)

Faculty of Social Science, 社會科學院Masters Programme in Global Political Economy 全球政治經濟社會科學課程, Adjunct Associate Professor (since 2011)

     E-mail: b113169 [at] (this email account rarely checked).


Columbia University

Weatherhead East Asian Institute, New York, N.Y. 10027.

Research Associate (part time) beginning 1966

Senior Research Scholar (full time 1981-2005; part time 2005-)

E-mail: seymour [at]

Current rank: Senior Research Scholar


Citizenship: USA. (Also, resident status in Hong Kong.)


Higher Education:

Undergraduate: Yale University, 1953-1957 (Major: History)

Graduate: Columbia University, 1957-1967 (intermittently)

Major: Public Law and Government

Minor: Chinese History

Degrees, etc: M. A., 1960

East Asian Institute, Certificate, 1961

Ph.D., 1968

(Dissertation: "The Policies of the Chinese Communists toward China's Intellectuals and Professionals")


Abroad: Shih-fan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1960-61


Specializations: Chinese Politics; Comparative Human Rights



Chinese (Mandarin; reasonably proficient; Cantonese, beginning student)

Previous occupational experience: (approx. in reverse chronological order)

Columbia University: Visiting Assoc. Prof., Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultures (1978-1979)

New York University, 1967-1981 (various appointments in Washington Square College of Arts and Science [Politics Department chairman, 1970-71], Graduate School of Arts and Science, University Without Walls, and Gallatin Division)

New School for Social Research, 1974-1975

Affiliations, current (partial listing):

Association for Asian Studies (Life Member)

China Information (Leiden), member, Editorial Board

China Labour Bulletin. Friends of CLB. Treasurer and member of Board of Directors (2007- )

China Labor Watch, member, Board of Directors, 2002-06; Secretary-Treasurer, 2005-06.

Chinese Law and Government, founder; now member of Editorial Board)

Columbia University Seminar: Modern China (chair or co-chair, 1979-80, 1986-87, 1998-2005)

Critical Asian Studies (until 2002 called Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars), member, Editorial Board

Fire Island Ecology (Executive Director, 1999- )

Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor (member)

Human Rights Watch (member, Advisory Committee)

Human Rights Quarterly  (member, Editorial Review Board)

Kowloon Union Church (member of Board of Trustees)

Rights Practice (member, Board of Directors, 2009- )