John Dwyer's Peer-Reviewed Publications


The Effect of greenhouse gas-induced changes in SST on the annual cycle of zonal mean tropical precipitation
JG Dwyer, M Biasutti, and AH Sobel
Journal of Climate, 27(12): 4544-4565, (2014).
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Projected changes in the seasonal cycle of surface temperature
JG Dwyer, M Biasutti, and AH Sobel
Journal of Clilmate, 25(18): 6359-6374 (2012).
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Do climate models reproduce observed solar dimming and brightening over China and Japan?
JG Dwyer, JR Norris, and C Ruckstuhl
Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, D00K08 (2010).
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Joint searches between gravitational-wave interferometers and high-energy neutrino telescopes: science reach and analysis strategies
V van Elewyck, S Ando, Y Aso, B Baret, M Barsuglia, I Bartos, E Chassande-Mottin, I Palma, JG Dwyer, C Finley, K Kei, A Kouchner, S Márka, Z Márka, J Rollins, CD Ott, T Pradier, and A Searle
International Journal of Modern Physics D, 18(10): 1655-1659 (2009)
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Search method for coincident events from LIGO and IceCube detectors
Y Aso, Z Márka, C Finley, JG Dwyer, K Kotake, and S Márka
Classical and Quantum Gravity, 25(11), 114039 (2008)
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Prospects of gravitational wave data mining and exploration via evolutionary computing.
M Lightman, J Thurakal, JG Dwyer, R Grossman, P Kalmus, L Matone, J Rollins, S Zairis, and S Márka
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 32: 58-65 (2006)
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