Jesse R. Lasky

     Community Ecology & Ecological Genomics

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Current Position

Earth Institute Fellow - Earth Institute, Columbia University
     2012 - present


March 2014: The first paper from my work with Marķa Uriarte, Robin Chazdon and Vanessa Boukili is now in press at PNAS. In it we link demographic evidence for trait-based species interactions to changes in community diversity across succession. More soon to come.
Photo at right: Successional rainforest plot in Costa Rica, study site of Robin Chazdon.
chazdon plot

November 2013: I had a great time giving a seminar and visiting the Dept. of Biology at Bowdoin College in Maine. Thanks for the invitation Sam Taylor.


September 2013: I am visiting SESYNC in Annapolis,
Maryland to participate in a working group on Macroevolution of Ecosystem Services from Trees

July 2013: I visited a number of European herbaria in order to investigate how spatiotemporal climate variation affects Arabidopsis thaliana

Photo at right: A. thaliana specimen collected in Lithuania.

June 2013: I talked about the role of trait-mediated processes in successional tree community assembly at ATBC in Costa Rica. This work was based on an NSF-funded collaboration involving Marķa Uriarte here at Columbia and Robin Chazdon and her student Vanessa Boukili at UConn.

April 2013: I revisit the reserve size debate (SLOSS) in the context of spatial community turnover, in an article newly in press at The American Naturalist. I also presented about this research this month at the US-IALE (Landscape Ecology) meeting in Austin, TX.

March 2013: Our paper on trait-mediated environmental filtering in the subtropical rainforest at Fushan, Taiwan came out in the online early view of Journal of Ecology.


At Fushan with collaborator I-Fang Sun