Shaman Research Group

Based within the Climate and Health Program in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Mailman School of Public Health, our group studies the environmental determinants of health with a strong focus on infectious disease.  We use a variety of dynamical and statistical modeling techniques to simulate and forecast the variability, seasonality and transmission of infectious agents.  Much of this work is directed toward the epidemiological prediction of infectious disease outbreaks using dynamic models and data assimilation methods.  Real-time forecasts of influenza in the U.S. during the cold and flu season can be seen at

Our group also studies health in the built environment, specifically New York City.  We have projects exploring indoor heat and humidity levels in the home, as well as a program actively monitoring respiratory virus infection.  These projects combine field observations and modeling efforts.

Prospective students and researchers interested in joining the Shaman Group or the Climate and Health Program should check out currently posted opportunities.

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