Welcome, applied stats class! Here are the materials you need to get started for the lecture:

R is a statistical package that is widely used and can be seen as an alternative to STATA. In comparison to STATA, there are several advantages and disadvantages. First, disadvantages of R: for much of the type of work we have been doing in this class (i.e., crosstabs, regressions, univariate statistics, etc.), STATA is probably easier to use because the pre-packaged commands for these tasks are clear and have detailed output, and the pull-down menus can help users with examples of syntax. In comparison, R is a scripting language that is entirely based on the command line (there is not point-and-click interface out of the box), and the learning curve for R is a bit steeper than for STATA.

Next, advantages of R: first, R is open source software, meaning that it is 100% free software. As students and especially as you move forward in your careers, this may be a helpful feature. More importantly, R is extremely flexible and has “packages” that implement a wide range of statistically complex procedures; as you start doing your own research and could potentially want to use these features (or even implement procedures of your own), R may be an appropriate solution…

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