Dr. Jack McGourty is an internationally recognized specialist in the area of educational outcome assessment. He has published several articles in engineering educational journals on how to best develop and implement assessment programs for measuring program objectives and student learning outcomes. Additionally, he has conducted workshops for over 50 engineering schools on the topic. As Associate Dean, he has worked with each Columbia engineering department to define program objectives and student learning outcomes, customize departmental surveys as required, and integrate program objectives into the School’s overall assessment processes. In addition, several workshops have been conducted to provide department chairs and faculty with the knowledge and tools required to integrate outcomes assessment into their programs and courses.

In his role as Director of Assessment for the Gateway Engineering Education Coalition, Dr. McGourty has worked with dozens of schools and hundreds of engineering departments to develop systematic outcome assessment programs. To support these assessment activities, he has developed departmental and course workbooks and delivered a variety of workshops and seminars to facilitate an engineering institution’s preparation for meeting Engineering Criteria 2000 from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Resources and materials can be found on the Gateway Coalition’s Web Repository at www.gatewaycoalition.org.