The Team Developer is an electronic assessment and feedback system designed to help the student grow and develop as a team member by providing a mechanism for 360-degree feedback of all team members. The format enables all team members to communicate concerns, issues, and evaluations in a constructive fashion. The feedback process it fosters helps enhance team member communication and improve team performance. Intended for students, who work on problem-solving teams, group case analyses, or students making team presentations.

Student Guidebook provides background on some key skills needed to be an effective team member. Each chapter addresses a key aspect of team behavior. A sample chapter can be downloaded below. The full student guidebook is currently available from Wiley by using ISBN 0471-403849. The instructor's manual and software is available from the Wiley Website. Please visit: and enter 'Mcgourty' in the search window. Clicking on the title will bring up a description of the project, and clicking on 'Companion Sites -Instructor' will take you to information on the instructor's manual and software.

For information regarding the new Team Developer Web Version, contact Dr. Jack McGourty at [email protected].
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