World-class organizations in the 21ST Century share an important similarity - innovative success. These organizations continue to generate and implement new ideas that consistently place them at the top of their industries. As a result of extensive, multi-year research, Dr. Jack McGourty has found that these organizations have developed specific management practices that promote individual behaviors that repeatedly lead to successful new products. From these studies, Dr. McGourty has developed a behavioral model of innovation that incorporates the specific behaviors common to all successful development personnel. Dr. McGourty’s Innovation Model describes the specific behaviors that are the key to innovation and prescribes how these behaviors are shaped by explicit organizational practices and policies to create a culture of innovation. Organizations that have participated in his innovation research include: 3M, Allied Signal, American Home Products, AMP, AT&T, Black and Decker, Chrysler, Corning, CPC-Best Foods, Exxon, Ford, General Electric, General Instrument, GTECH, Harris Semiconductor, Honeywell, Intel, Kodak, Kraft, Lipton, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Merck, Motorola, NASA, Quaker Oats, Rohm & Haas, United Technologies, U.S. Army, and Xerox.

Based on this research, Dr. McGourty has conducted seminars and interactive workshops to provide organizations with an understanding of what it takes to create and manage a work environment that fosters new ideas as well as the continuous successful transition of these new concepts into the marketplace. Additionally, a validated Innovation Survey is available for assessment of individual companies and generates a bench marking report comparing the organization's results with the best-of-breed in a comprehensive data base.

For information on Dr. McGourty’s research on technological innovation and the Innovation Survey, email requests to [email protected].
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