The overall objective of the E-Health Project is to investigate how information and digital technologies can support research in three specific areas of behavioral health: assessment, education, and intervention. Research and applications include: 1) web-based assessment tools with associated expert systems to screen, measure, and provide feedback to target populations as part of an overall mental health and educational intervention, 2) multimedia tutorials to prepare individuals for referrals into specific research or external programs, and 3) interactive web and gaming technologies to enhance mental health interventions.

Specific projects include:
  1. Development of a web-mediated application that supports working women with depression (prototype website at
  2. Building a pilot program that uses web conferencing technologies to help people with disabilities effectively use assistive technologies to become more productive in academic and work environments.
  3. Designing computer games that interface with biofeedback mechanisms to support body awareness training for chronically ill children and adolescents.