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RADIO PRAGUE November 10th, 2014: President Zeman: Velvet Revolution triggered by false “dead student” report, not police brutality to - The Velvet Revolution of 1989 was triggered by a false report of a student death rather than by police brutality against protesting students, President Miloš Zeman said at a debate on the 25th anniversary of the events in Prague on Saturday. The student march on November 17 which was attacked by communist riot police was one of many similar protests, and the police did not behave more brutally than on other such occasions, according to the president.
RADIO PRAGUE November 2nd, 2014:
Zeman: Havel was not 'reform communist' but 'Utopian' President Miloš Zeman says a predecessor, Vaclav Havel, was a 'Utopian' who believed in a brave new world but lacked the 'motor' to bring it about. Speaking on Czech Radio on Sunday as part of the Interviews from Lány series, Mr. Zeman said Mr. Havel had failed to react to large-scale asset stripping in the privatisation era until 1997. However, he rejected a statement by another former president, Vaclav Klaus, who compared the leader of the Velvet Revolution to a 'reform communist' in an interview published on Saturday.
Klaus compares Havel to "reform communist"
Former Czech president Václav Klaus has described his late predecessor and political rival Václav Havel as having the mentality of a "reform communist".
In an interview carried in Mladá fronta Dnes, Mr. Klaus said Mr. Havel had hated political parties and been fundamentally opposed to the free market. He said his then party the Civic Democrats' support for Mr. Havel in repeated presidential elections had been a "necessary evil". Saturday's interview comes less than three weeks before the 25th anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution in which Václav Havel, who died in 2011, led Czechoslovakia to democracy after over four decades of communist rule.
The monodrama opera Cassandra daughter of the Trojan King Prian and his Queen Hecuba after the already conquered and destroyed, as a prisoner of war she is waiting for her execution before her death, weaves a web of thoughts - fragments, episodes in the film- the blind joy of the victors - memories of her childhood - - the receipt of the gift of prophecy and the terrible curse.
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Actress Anne Clement, Swedish Italian commutes between Stockholm, Berlin and Rome, a singer or vocalist in being in English for Center New Yorl BNH 321 East 73rd Street.
Conductor Michel Galante and 18-piece (+ 3) orchaster. Visualisatio by Palter Hanter , camera by Dalibor Pys, Video Mich Oysova., Production Nimrod Opera Zurich.
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