Greetings from the past

fdr THE WHITE HOUSE * January 7, 1943

I am delighted to congratulate the Foreign Press Association on its twenty-fifth anniversary. I well remember when the Association was founded in 1917 with the warm personal support of Woodrow Wilson. The full splendor of Wilson's vision of a future free from war was just then breaking on the world.

In this second opportunity which is now given us to achieve a lasting world peace, you of the Foreign Press Association must play a great part and accept a great responsibility. Your role calls for honesty, forbearance, sympathy, and for an exact appreciation of the weight of your responsibility. I know, from my own acquaintance among the overseas correspondents, of few men more desirous of bringing about that true understanding which can be the only solid basis for lasting peace.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

THE WHITE HOUSE * October 16, 1961

On behalf of the American people and Government, I welcome you to our Foreign Correspondents Center.

As a former newspaperman I perhaps have a deeper appreciation than many of the importance of the press in building a peaceful world community. If we who live on this shrunken globe are to understand each other, there must be a free and constant flow of information among peoples and nations. To a large extent, the people of your countries will view the United States through your eyes.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to cover this large, complex and many-sided country. For this reason we have established this Center to make available to you whatever assistance you may require which is within our ability to provide. Truth is often elusive and rarely simple; if our Center helps you in the pursuit of truth, we shall feel adequately rewarded.

John F. Kennedy

THE WHITE HOUSE * October 22, 1967

I am happy to greet all who are attending the 50th Anniversary Dinner of the Foreign Press Association of America. No institution in world affairs has a greater potential for good than international journalism.

If we are to have a secure and peaceful world community, we must somehow eliminate the misunderstandings, the bias, and the ignorance that are so often the root cause of conflict. Journalists have, therefore, a great responsibility and a great opportunity to contribute to better understanding among peoples and nations.

I am sure that you will continue both to meet the responsibility and to seize the opportunity.

Lyndon B. Johnson


It is a pleasure for me to congratulate the Foreign Press Association on its 60th anniversary this year. All of us who believe in democratic values are committed to a free and open press: that is why I wholeheartedly welcome your existence as an independent organization.

Jimmy Carter

THE WHITE HOUSE * February 29, 1988

It gives me great pleasure to send warmest greetings and heartfelt congratulations to every one gathered in New York for the 70th Anniversary of the Foreign Press Association.

You have every reason to be truly proud at this milestone. For seven decades, you and your predecessors in the Association have well represented the interests of journalists from around the globe who are based in the United States. Your members have carried news and critical information to every continent through the years; you have chronicled mankind's myriad activities and told literally billions of people countless stories of peace and war, of prosperity and difficulty, of scientific and technical advances, of faith and freedom. You've always sought the utmost journalistic professionalism in your reporting; your accuracy, objectivity, and sensitivity continue to be vital tools for the free flow of news and information and for bringing all peoples closer together in understanding and goodwill.

Ronald Reagan


Literally hundreds of millions of people throughout the world are enlightened by the work of your Association. It merits the widest possible appreciation in which I am most happy to add my voice.

Nelson A. Rockefeller


I am proud to note that the Foreign Press Association, as the oldest press organization in the United States, has remained in the City and State of New York. You can take great pride in the Association's longstanding tradition of excellence and achievement.

Mario M. Cuomo

OFFICE OF THE MAYOR * City of New York, 1953

Mayor Vincent Impellitteri presents
FPA pres. Vaz Diaz
with proclamation

Know all men by these presents, that I, VINCENT R. IMPELLITTERI Mayor of the City of New York do hereby cite for distinguished and exceptional public service The Foreign Press Association on the occasion of its thirty-fifth anniversary;

Which in conformity with its charter has kept its membership in contact with American life and opinion and has contributed through the Press in all countries to the work of fostering international good-will, and has thereby enlisted the deep appreciation of the people of The City of New York.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of New York to be affixed this 10th day of February, 1953.

Vincent R. Impelliteri

OFFICE OF THE MAYOR * October 2, 1963

From left: David Mizrahi, Hans Steinitz,
Vaclav Pawlak, Max Tak, Dick Yaffe,
Mayor Robert Wagner,
Ernie Wiener (FPC Director), Bill Stricker,
George Fenin, David Horowitz,
Elena Nielson, Edwin Tetlow

PROCLAMATION whereas this month marks the forty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Foreign Press Association of New York and the second anniversary of the United States Government's Foreign Correspondents Center in this City;
Now therefore I, Robert F. Wagner, Mayor of the City of New York, do loudly proclaim October 2, 1963 as "Foreign Correspondents Day" in New York City, and call on all our citizens to pay tribute to the Foreign Correspondents whose candid reporting of the American scene is enhancing the prospects for world peace.


The Foreign Press Association with its some 350 members - very probably the largest collection of overseas news people in any city in the world - adds special vitality and strength to New York in one of its most important and dynamic fields: communications.

You serve the City in a unique way, and I hope the City in turn will continue to serve you and to be a good host to you always.

John V. Lindsay

OFFICE OF THE MAYOR * October 25, 1983

65th Annyversary of the FPA - From left: Renato Pachetti, SiR. Heymanson
Fred VazDias, Alfred VonKrusenstiern, Isabelle Silk (FPA Director)
Hans Steinitz, Jussi Himanka, Gitta Bauer, David Horowitz Maurice Adams
The swift and free reporting by . . . foreign correspondents to millions of readers, viewers and listeners around the globe keeps the peoples of the world informed of international and national events as well as news of our city and its citizens.
This month marks the 65th Anniversary of the founding of the Foreign Press Association, the oldest foreign press group in the United States.
Now, therefore, I, Edward I. Koch, Mayor of the City of New York, do hereby proclaim October 25, 1983, as “Foreign Press Association Day” in New York City, in rocognition of the contributions which foreign correspondents make to understanding among the nations of the world.

Edward I. Koch

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Prepared and edited by J. Schrabal