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May 19th, 2004: At the UN Hungarian Mission at East 52d Street, NYC:
The European Union
This panel discussion was a part of the EUSC's 10th Anniversary Lecture Series I was attending for several years (some lectures are recorded HERE) but this is the first after the new 25-member enlargement. It was cosponsored also by the UN Association of NY.
Participants:(from left:) Hungarian UN Ambassador Laszio Molnar, Estonian UN Ambassador Merie Pajula, UN European Commission Chair Angel Carro Castrillo and Slovenian UN Ambassador Roman Kirnts

May 17th, 2004: At the NYU Baruch College: Weissman Center for International Business
What US Businesses Need to Know:
EU Enlargement is Here
A discussion with representatives Dennis Sroushiotis of Cyprus, Josef Dvoracek of Czech Republic, Peeter Restsinski of Estonia, Barnabas Nemeth of Hungary, Ivita Burmistre og Latvia, Mindaugas Burkus of Lithuania, Paula Calamatta of Malta, Marcin Walewski of Poland, Ivan Surkos of Slovakia, and consul of Slovenia. - Complete article

May 6th, 2004: At the NYC Columbia University - Czech Consulate General - SVU
New Europeans in the EU and Transatlantic Partners
This Panel discussion was organized by the East Central European Center of Columbia University together with the Czech Consulate General and the SVU (Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences) on 15th floor of the university's International building, 420 West 118th Street in the City of New York. Panel members:
Milan Fryscak, Ales Pospisil, John K. Glenn, Josef Jarab, Jiri Zlatuska, John S. Micgiel, Vretislav Dancak.
Visegrad meeting of 4 at Kromeriz Castle 5/12 HERE

April 30, 2004 - At the NYC Metropolitan Opera
Renee Flaming as Dvorak's RUSALKA
After its Met premier in 1993, Dvorak's RUSALKA returned back to Met after eleven years, just the night before remembering 100th anniversary of the death of this great Czech composer.
* Po premiere v roce 1993, Dvorakovo RUSALKA se vraci do Met po jedenacti letech v predvecer vzpominky na stolete umrti toho velkeho ceskeho skladatele.
RUSALKA Renee Fleming; Vodnik: W.White; Jezibaba: Dolora Zajicek; Princess: Eva Urbanova.
Renee + Dvorak HERE.

April 18, 2004:New York - Germany
A million Dollars wouldn't please me more
Sometimes about in 1999 I filed a claim under the Holocaust compensation. About a year later I received a confirmation, that the case was investigated and I was incorporated into the class of "deportation and forced labor for a company". (Apparently the labor camp did not qualify under the "concentration camp, ghetto, or other place of confinement recognized under the German Foundation Act".)
* Just now I received an Award of DEM 5 000 (EUR 2556.463) with a check as First installment for DEM 2 500 (EUR 1278.23) US$ 1565.45.

Wed. April 28, Fri. 30 and Sun May 2d - At the Manhattan School of Music
Bohuslav Martinu: Mirandolina
The Manhattan School of Music presents US premier three act Mirandolina by Bohuslav Martinu. Opera is based on the Goldoni comedy La locandiera (The Mistress of the Inn) composed 1953-54 in Nice with a premier in 1959 in Prague's Smetanovo divadlo under direction of Vaclav Kaslik.

March 24, 2004:Changing of guards at the NY Czech Center:
Iva Karolina Raisinger
New Director of the New York Czech Center.

January 17th, 2004: Prague, Czech Republic
The editor-in-chief of the prestigious independent weekly Respekt Tomas Nemecek is in hospital Bulovka after being attacked by unknown assailants on (January 17th) Saturday morning.