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Organized in 1990
From: Josef Schrabal
Subject: Attack on the Chief Editor of Respect in Prague
Copies to:
Date sent: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 19:48:54 -0500

To the
CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists)
Division: Central Europe – Czech Republic
330 Seventh Avenue, 12th floor,
New York, NY 10001, USA
212 465 1004 – FAX 212 465 9565


The editor-in-chief of the prestigious independent weekly Respekt Tomas Nemecek is in hospital Bulovka after being attacked by unknown assailants on (January 17th) Saturday morning.

The attack took place outside Mr Nemecek's home in Prague. Two men estimated to be in their early twenties assaulted the journalist by first spraying tear gas in his face and kicking him repeatedly in the head. The assailants then escaped the scene, leaving passers- by to take Mr. Nemecek to hospital. There he was treated for cuts and bruises and a mild concussion.

Neither money nor valuables were stolen.

Police have begun investigating whether the assault was a chance happening or a motivated attack against Mr. Nemecek's paper, currently involved in lawsuits with several businesses, political groups and government members. Now also pending articles on the sale of arms from the Czech Republic. The highly respected Respect is involved in a long list of investigative reporting reaching to the highest level in the Czech Republic and perhaps extending as far as New York and the United Nations.

This was just a few days after the Prague’s court directed Respect to apologize to the interior ministry Stanislav Gross (under his jurisdiction is the Czech police) for writing about his telephone calls to a prostitution house. The court refused any monitory damages despite that Gross secured testimony of the cultural ministry Pavel Dostal and the ministry of education Petra Buzkova.

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