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Leto - 2000


From:           	"Petr Gandalovic" 


Subject:        	Re: Nar Budova- Memo Petra Kutila

Date sent:      	Wed, 16 Aug 2000 13:39:58 GMT


It is his [Kutil's - red.] right and the Sportsmenīs to oppose 

the transfer, however some of his reasoning is not based on thruth. 

It is not thruth that BBLA cannot mortgage - it only has to 

seek consent of the Czech Government, the same is whe the 

Czech side would want to mortgage. It cannot do it without 

consent of BBLA. So you see that it is important to read 

the whole thing.

Similarly, the "performance standards" are just another way 

how  to say that the Czech Republic which as a future owner 

will be responsible for the right operation and maintenance 

of the building will always have the same partner in promoting 

Czech - American relations.


Petr Gandalovic

Consul General of the Czech Republic in New York

NAZPET K MENU (budovy)

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