John Wright

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
Data Science Institute
Columbia University

Office: 408 Mudd Hall, in the Data Science Institute
Office hours (Fall '20): Thursday 3-4:30 PM.

Group Seminar (Fall '20): Friday ~1-3 PM, 417 Mudd Hall

Publications [Google scholar]


High-dimensional data analysis, signal processing, computer vision, optimization

PhD Student Collaborators

Mariam Avagyan
Columbia Electrical Engineering

Sam Buchanan
Columbia Electrical Engineering
NDSEG Fellow

Robert Colgan
Columbia Computer Science

Han-Wen Kuo
Columbia Electrical Engineering

Tim Wang
Columbia Electrical Engineering

Jingkai Yan
Columbia Electrical Engineering
Wei Foundation Fellow

PhD Alumni

Dar Gilboa
PhD Columbia Neurobiology 2020
Now a postdoctoral scholar at Harvard

Yuqian Zhang
PhD Columbia EE 2018
Now an Assistant Professor with Rutgers ECE

Qing Qu
PhD Columbia EE 2018
Now a postdoctoral scholar at New York University

Ju Sun
PhD Columbia EE 2016

Tanbir Haque
PhD Columbia EE 2019 (Co-advised with Peter Kinget)
With Interdigital

Cun Mu
PhD Columbia IEOR 2017 (Co-advised with Don Goldfarb)
Now with Walmart Labs

Tugce Yazicigil
PhD Columba EE 2016 (Co-advised with Peter Kinget)
Now an Assistant Professor at Boston University

Bo Huang
PhD Columbia IEOR 2014 (Co-advised with Don Goldfarb)


Fall 2019 ELEN 4810: Digital Signal Processing
Spring 2019 ELEN 6886: Sparse Representation and High-Dimensional Geometry