John Wright

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
Data Science Institute
Columbia University

Office: 408 Mudd Hall, in the Data Science Institute
Office hours (Fall '19): Thursday 3-5 PM.

Group Seminar (Fall '19): Friday ~2-4 PM, 417 Mudd Hall

Publications [Google scholar]


High-dimensional data analysis, signal processing, computer vision, optimization

PhD Student Collaborators

Mariam Avagyan
Columbia Electrical Engineering

Sam Buchanan
Columbia Electrical Engineering
NDSEG Fellow

Robert Colgan
Columbia Computer Science

Dar Gilboa
Columbia Neurobiology

Han-Wen Kuo
Columbia Electrical Engineering

Tim Wang
Columbia Electrical Engineering

Jingkai Yan
Columbia Electrical Engineering
Wei Foundation Fellow

PhD Alumni

Yuqian Zhang
PhD Columbia EE 2018
Now an Assistant Professor with Rutgers ECE

Qing Qu
PhD Columbia EE 2018
Now a postdoctoral scholar at New York University

Ju Sun
PhD Columbia EE 2016

Tanbir Haque
PhD Columbia EE 2019 (Co-advised with Peter Kinget)
With Interdigital

Cun Mu
PhD Columbia IEOR 2017 (Co-advised with Don Goldfarb)
Now with Walmart Labs

Tugce Yazicigil
PhD Columba EE 2016 (Co-advised with Peter Kinget)
Now an Assistant Professor at Boston University

Bo Huang
PhD Columbia IEOR 2014 (Co-advised with Don Goldfarb)


Fall 2019 ELEN 4810: Digital Signal Processing
Spring 2019 ELEN 6886: Sparse Representation and High-Dimensional Geometry