Columbia TRIPODS Institute
From Foundations to Practice of Data Science and Back

The Columbia TRIPODS Institute aims to articulate methodological foundations for data science, spanning mathematics, statistics, and computing. Our emphasis is on foundations to support practice, through the analysis of successful heuristics, the development of well-structured computational toolkits, and the development of theory to support the entire cycle of data science.

We pursue these goals through a program of research, education, and center building.

Research Themes include
Interactive protocols for data science
Primitives for efficient computation
Tractable classes of (nonconvex) optimization problems


Alexandr Andoni

David Blei

Qiang Du

Daniel Hsu

Clifford Stein

John Wright

Tian Zheng

We are recruiting excellent postdoctoral scholars [job posting] and PhD students for interdisciplinary work in the foundations of data science.

407 Mudd Hall, in the Data Science Institute
Data Science Institute
Columbia University

We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation through the award CCF 1740833.