Cost Benefit Analysis and Health(MPH Program)

This course reviews issues and methods of assessing health care technologies and related programs. It emphasizes methods to perform economic evaluations, such as cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis; methods to assess efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of health care technologies; effectiveness research; and applications to clinical and public policy.
Course Number:P8541
Instructor:Joshua Graff Zivin

Cross-National Health Policy
Surveys the policy responses of a range of nations to the strains imposed by the evolution of modern health care systems. We isolate the most salient pressures for policy change, trace the debates over and emergence of major strategic options, seek to explain why nations differ in their policy choices, explore the pros and cons of some of these approaches, and draw implications for U.S. policy debates. Students should leave the course with an enhanced understanding of the range of strategic responses to the major policy problems facing modern societies, and this understanding should help them to comprehend more fully both the dynamic environment in which they work and the complexities of health care reform

Course Number:P8575

Instructors: Larry Brown and Annetine Gelijns

Health Policy and the Political System
Analysis of the role of major institutions the central government, the federal system, the private sector, interest groups in formulating and implementing health policy in the United States. Discussion of underlying normative issues, cross-national perspectives and the ups and downs of health care reform.

Course Number:P6508

Instructor: Larry Brown

Introduction to Health Economics (MPH Program)
The purpose of this course is to develop/strengthen the student’s ability to use economic concepts and theories to analyze health care issues and to inform decision making and policy development.
Course Number:P6503
Instructor:Joshua Graff Zivin

Managing Innovation
This course provides a framework for managing high-technology businesses. The emphasis throughout is on the development and application of concepts that clarify the interactions among competition, patterns of technological and market change, and the development of internal firm capabilities.
Course Number:B8704
Instructor:Pierre Azoulay

The Economics of Health Care and Pharmaceuticals
This course provides a basic overview of the health care industry that emphasizes the economic issues that affect medical care delivery and finance. We will consider the efficiency of alternative health care delivery systems; analyze incentives and organizational structure of the health care system;and assess the roles of physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, and HMOs and other contractual networks.

Course Numbers:B8299-022(MBA program)
(Executive MBA program)
Instructor:Frank Lichtenberg