Anthony Chow

I study high energy astrophysics and galaxy formation

About Me

I am incoming PhD student at Columbia University. I work on massive elliptical galaxy simulation with Professor Jeremiah Ostriker and high energy plamsa simulation with Professor Lorenzo Sironi. I will be a Dean's Fellow starting from September 2020

My Work

My previous research focuses on galaxy structure and sources of fast radio burst.

Physics of the magnitude gap between the first and the second brightest galaxy

The magnitude gap between the first (M1) and the second (M2) brigthest galaxy is exceptional large. Based on the data from EAGLE simulation dataset, we found that gravity is the main reason leading to the large M1-M2 gap.

Synchrotron maser as source of FRBs

We run Particle-In-Cell simulation on collision shock of unmagnetized positron-electron plasma cloud. Result shows that efficiency of converting free energy to radiative emission does not scale up with cloud size, indicate that weakly magnetized synchrotron maser is unlikely to be the source of FRBs.


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