David E. Keyes is the recipient of the 2007 Sidney Fernbach Award, cited for "Outstanding contributions to the development of scalable numerical algorithms for the solution of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) and for his exceptional leadership in high-performance computation."

His Fernbach lecture slides, slightly augmented relative to what was delivered at Supercomputing'07 on 14 November 2007, are here in pdf .

Some of the links active in October 2007 describing this award are:

Keyes gratefully acknowledges support from a consultancy at ICASE beginning in 1986 under Bob Voigt, a continuous stream of NSF grants since 1987, beginning under George Lea's computational engineering program, from DOE laboratory sabbaticals, beginning in 1991 with with Bill Gropp at Argonne National Laboratory, and from DOE subcontracts beginning in 1998 with an ASCI Level-2 award through Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. These opportunities provided exposure to experts from many disciplines, in both techniques and applications, that led to the work recognized in the Fernbach Award.

If ever a Fernbach Award were made representatively, for an extended group effort, this one is it, and Keyes very gratefully acknowledges the following co-authors over the years in work directly related to the Fernbach Award (in chronological order relative to the year a collaboration was begun or came into fruition):

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