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The Koritzky family:
Great-great-aunt Fannie Koritzky Altman, Great-great-aunt Sarah Koritzky Galpert
Great-grandfather Abraham Koritzky (Lena's father), Great-great-uncle Shepsel Koritzky, Great-great-uncle Nathan Koritzky

The Glazel family:
Great-aunt Helen Glazel Morrison, Great-grandmother Toby Pearl Glazel, Grandmother Anna Leah Glazel Pearlmutter, Great-grandfather Aaron Glazel, Great-uncle Samuel Glazel.

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Jacob (Nagler) Green Lena Koritzky Edward Heschel Pearlmutter Anna Leah Glazel

Anna Sylvia Green Ada Dorothy Green Maynard Leo Green Harvey Willard Pearlmutter Abbie Rhoda Pearlmutter

Phyllis Ruth Price Adele Susan Price David Alan Green Deborah Lynn Green Karen Lee Green

Staci Rachel Clopper Jeffrey Scott Clopper David Justin Flashman Lesley Joy Flashman Joshua Maxwell Esrick Gabriel Samuels Green Mikah Samuels Green

Michael Alan Berkson Alyssa Hilary Berkson Alexander Joel Clopper Sarah Margalit Clopper


The Glazels and the Pearlmutters came from Bessarabia, although we've not yet determined which of the shtetls listed on this link were their hometowns. The Koritzkys came from Siberia but, as you can see, that doesn't narrow things down much!

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