Klint Qinami

About: I'm an undergraduate student at Columbia University (SEAS 2018) studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I'm currently conducting research at the Columbia Computer Graphics Group (C2G2) in geometry processing and physically based simulation.

Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Interests: The intersection of computers and mathematics. I also enjoy physics, music, chess, debate, and philosophy.

Contact Info:
Klint Qinami, 4184
70 Morningside Drive
New York, New York 10027
Phone: 201.982.1836
Email: kq2129@columbia.edu

Current Classes (Fall 2016):
Computer Animation (COMS W4167)
Differential Geometry (MATH 3386)
Computer Science Theory (COMS 3161W)
Computer Networks (CSEE W4119)
Masterpieces of Western Music (HUMA 1123)
Introduction to Modern Algebra I (MATH 4041)
Columbia Computer Graphics Group
Physics Demonstrations