Some Useful Links

   Society for Mathematical Psychology
   International Society for Psychophysics
   Psychonomic Society
   Psychometric Society

   American Educational Research Association
   National Council on Measurement in Education

   Multilevel archives
   Archives of SEMNET@BAMA.UA.EDU
   Archives of Stat-L
    Archives of AERA, Division D: Measurement and research methodology
  Archives of BUGS: Bayesian Analysis using Gibbs Sampling

       List archives at LISTS.ASU.EDU

Homepages and other sites:
      John Uebersax's Latent Class Analysis page
    C. Mitchell Dayton's Latent Class Site
      Keith Marcus's Latent Class Analysis page
    Joop Hox's homepage - useful multilevel information
    Jason Newsom's Structural Equation Modeling reference list
    Ed Rigdon's Structural Equation Modeling page
    Roderick Little's homepage - missing data and survey analysis methods
Paul Allison's home page    

Various statistics and data resource sites:
      Journal of Data Science
      Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods
       Centre for Multilevel Modelling home page
   Raynald's SPSS tools