Stanford Light Field Microscope

A summary of work published using light field microscopes to date.

The Stanford Light Field Microscope Project website.

CLARITY and COLM for rapid, high resolution imaging of intact tissue.

CLARITY. Come for the movies, stay for the hands-on tutorial.

COLM. Spine resolution at massive scale.

Analysis of functional neuroimaging data (in python)

Ever wanted to efficiently and flexibly fit regularized regression models in python? Check out Jonathan Taylor and Brad Klingenberg's RegReg project.

Neuroimaging in Python (NiPy).

Scikit-learn: Machine learning in python.

Yet more python software

Convex optimization software in Python.

PyCUDA and PyOpenCL from Andreas Klockner.


Thunder: large-scale analysis of neural data with Apache Spark.

Apache Spark is great.

So is Amazon web services.

Really though, check this out.


CodeNeuro: Bringing fine data science and neuroscience together since 2014. Soon to visit NYC.

Igor Carron has this awesome blog in addition to this great site devoted to matrix factorization methods and codes.