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 Che and Fidel; Nicaraguan soldiers, 1988

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The Marxism list began on May Day, 1998. Until August 1999 when we began using electronic archives, we selected the best posts each month and stored them in a journal. They can be viewed in: May-Dec. 1998 and Jan.-Jul. 1999.

For the latest 100 messages posted to the Marxism list, which is updated more frequently than, click here. Keep in mind, however, that as soon as a message becomes number 101, it is discarded from this archive.

The main historical archive has been generously made available by U. of Utah economics professor Hans Ehrbar. Click here to see searchable messages organized by week.

IMPORTANT: the Marxmail web archives are in the process of being moved. At the moment, one can read the current postings here, or if there are problems accessing the archives, you can also follow the list at the GMANE website here.