Jewish Question

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Academic Freedom

The problem with anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism and the socialist left

Anti-Semitism on college campuses?

The anti-Semitism canard

The Arab-Jew

The Hannah Arendt industry

Bard College, Israel and the Palestinians

Bard College and the Amerian Studies Association vote

Anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism, anti-dogmatism

The Gilad Atzmon controversy

Bard College, Martin Peretz and the Hasbara counter-offensive

Bard College, the AJC, and how I ended up being born in Kansas City

The contradictions of Bat Ayin

Glenn Beck, George Soros and the Judenrats

A Girt to Birobidzhan

Borscht Belt reds

Paul Buhle on Jewish Popular Culture

L'Chayim Comrade Stalin

Thoughts on Diana Johnstone and Dieudonne M'Bela M'Bela

Existential threat

Hanukkah -- bah, humbug


Bill de Blasio, the Hasidim, and COVID-19

Holocaust Denial, indian and Jewish

Israel, South Africa and the single state non-solution

Christians United for Israel

The Jews and the Baha'i in Iran

The Jews of the Maghreb

Jewish leftist chicken farmers of the Catskills

Jews and American Popular Culture

Jews and American Comics

Jewish backwardness

Jewish high holidays

Jewish politics, Jewish culture

Tony Judt: an appreciation

An Open Letter to David Hartman

High Holy Days


Bard College terminates Joel Kovel

My life as a Jew

The Last Jews of Libya

Luavitcher thuggery

The Mighty Atom

MRZine regular circulates anti-Semitic filth

Voices of the Mizrahim

Martin Monath

Jew-baiting okay at Moon of Alabma, but not me

Is Nasrallah an anti-Semite?

Jewish Chicken Ranchers of Petaluma

Jews and the left

Lev Tahor: the Jewish Taliban

The Meanings of Purim

Barney Ross and the "tough Jew"

Israel Shamir and Slavoj Zizek

Blood, soil, and the family: a response to Israel Shamir

Spiked online's obsession with anti-Semitism

Was Stalin anti-Semitic


On the SWP's turn toward Israel

The crisis over the Temple Mount

Under Andalusian Skies

Utopia in the Catskills

Uzbek Jews and the Pittsburgh massacre


Yitzy the Pupa Photographer

Correspondence with a Zionist