Modernism, Postmodernism, and Marxism

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Tariq Ali's "The Clash of Fundamentalisms"


Arts and Letters Goes Under

Final thoughts on Vivek Chibber

The Classroom and the Class Struggle

Dropping a film class at Columbia University

Film theory follow-up

Engels on the English working class

End of History?

The Hardt-Negri declaration

Hardt-Negri's "Empire": a Marxist critique

Hardt and Negri counsel the aristocrats

John Holloway's hippie Marxism

Fetishizing the Zapatistas: a critique of "Change the World Without Taking Power"

John Holloway's lowered horizons

John Holloway's complaint"


Joel Kovel on the Frankfurt School

Norman Levitt, spiked-online and the Sokal Affair


Marxism and the Enlightenment

N+1, Bruce Robbins, and Vivek Chibber

Studying philosophy at the New School

Rethinking Marxism conference

In reply to Jerome Roos

Skeptical About Skepticism

Reflections on Marc Saint-Epurey

Elaine Showalter attack on Terry Eagleton

The Sokal Affair beneath the surface

A reply to Goran Therborn

Zizek, Bukharin and Stalin

Doug Henwood interviews Zizek

Zizek embarrassments

Thoughts on Zizek's "The Idea of Communism" conference