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Air-conditioning, Jacobin and productivist nonsense

Letter to a Bard College professor on climate change

Aaron Bastani and the empty promise of utopian futurism Don't let the bedbugs bite

The birds, the bees, and Holden Caulfield

Douglas Boucher: a critique

What is Robert Bryce doing on Counterpunch?

Paul Burkett's "Marx and Nature"


Butterflies and Wheels

Canada, Mexico, and the USA

Women and cancer

Cancer, Politics and Capitalism

Cattle and capitalism

Is China going Green? A reply to John Bellamy Foster

China's Engine of Environmental Collapse

Is China a model for a Green New Deal

Barry Commoner

Chimpanzeees, AIDS and ecology

Cockburn contrarianism

Alexander Cockburn and the Oregon Petition

Alexander Cockburn versus Al Gore

Alexander Cockburn digs a deeper hole

Alexander Cockburn on global warming

Alexander Cockburn and Zbigniew Jaworowski

Alexander Cockburn's "experts"

Alexander Cockburn gets Spiked

In Defense of Marxism gets Spiked

Was Enron "Green"?

American Chernobyl

E. Coli and capitalism

Debates within ecosocialism: John Bellamy Foster, Jason Moore and CNS

Ecosocialist Debates

DeGrowth, the Green New Deal and This Island Earth

A reply to John Molyneux and Michael Lowy on degrowth

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Hurricane Katrina: a Marxist analysis

The Most Important Fish in the Sea

Fuck Jared Diamond

The collapse of Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond on tribal warfare in New Guinea

Jared Diamond's Collapse, part one

Jared Diamond's Collapse, part two

Jared Diamond's Collapse, part three

Jared Diamond's Collapse, conclusion

PBS series on "Guns, Germs and Steel": part one

PBS series on "Guns, Germs and Steel": part two

PBS series on "Guns, Germs and Steel": part three (conclusion)


The Eco-Fascist Canard

How real is the "Eco-Fascist" threat?

Ecological limits and the working class

Ecology and Dialectical Materialism

Ecology in the USSR

Why a factory farm and a car factory should not be confused

John Bellamy Foster on the Marx-Liebeg connection

John Bellamy Foster's "Marx's Ecology"

John Bellamy Foster's "The Return of Nature"

The Foster-O'Connor Rhubarb

Stephen Jay Gould

Food imperialism: Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution

The NY Times's free ad for GM crops

Homeless Hawks

David Harvey: a critique

David Harvey, Leibniz and Marx

David Harvey, James O'Connor and Engels' "Conditions of the Working Class in England"

Gorillas in captivity

Vain hopes in a Green New Deal

A History of the World in 7 Cheap Things

Matt Huber, nuclear power, and the socialist beachhead

Hurricane Sandy

A visit to post-Hurricane Sandy Rockaways

A Return to Rockaway

Hurricane Sandy and the Second Contradiction of Capitalism

Naomi Klein, Jodi Dean and the debate over "Green Keynesianism"

Dining on the Impossible Burger

The role of Iran's water crisis in the recent protests

The Koch brothers hedge their bets

Clifford Krauss: propagandist par excellence

Jobs versus ecology

Malthus revisited

Limits: Why Malthus was wrong

The Woolly Mammoth and the Noble Savage

Merchants of Doubt

The Militant newspaper goes nuke

Jason Moore’s “Capitalism in the Web of Life: Ecology and the Accumulation of Capital”

Requiem for a mountain lion

Steven Mnuchin, Russian oligarchs, and wildlife p reservation

Nazi "ecology"

New York Ecosocialism Conference: a resounding success

Obama and mountaintop removal

Thinking Like an Octopus

Obama's Katrina

Flint, Michigan and the Second Contradiction of Capitalism

Christian Parenti, William Cronon, and the Abbeyist agenda

Christian Parenti's weak tea

Philosophy, Marxism and ecology

Alex Pyron, the evolutionary biologist indifferent to extinction

The racism of early environmentalism or environmentalists?

A Red-Green synthesis

Bard trustee Stewart Resnick: a real-life Noah Cross

Making sense of Nathaniel Rich's "Losing Earth"

Gunning for Vandana Shiva

Smithfield and our troubled future

Alan Sokal and science

Spiked-online and the Hubbert curve

Spiked-online update

Jeffrey St. Clair's "The Politics of Nature"

James Steele's fine biomess

Creeped out by Sandra Steingraber

Paul Sweezy on the Communist Manifesto and ecology

This Land

If Time Magazine celebrates Greta Thunberg, should we?

Escaped tigers

Leon Trotsky and Ecology

Trotsky, Bukharin, and the Eco-Modernists

The Unabomber and Kirkpatrick Sale

McKenzie Wark, Bogdanov, Zizek and gold-plated bullshit

Oprah Winfrey and Mad Cow

"Value-Free" science and ecology

The Yellow Vests, capitalism and communism Worldwatch 1997

Zizek as shock jock

The Zika pandemic and the FMLN