Origins of Capitalism

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Did agrarian capitalism exist?

Angocentrism and the real subsumption of labor

Once again on the formal/real subsumption question

Jairus Banaji wins 2011 Deutscher prize

The Birth of Capitalism

Blaut's "8 Eurocentric Historians"

The Topless Dancer, Slavery and the Origins of Capitalism

The dialectical relationship between the steam-engine and slavery

Charles Post's palm-leaf hat

The Brenner Thesis

Answering some questions about Robert Brenner

Robert Brenner and primitive accumulation

The Primitive Accumulation debate

Robert Brenner versus Chris Harman

The Brenner Thesis, Ireland and Spain

The Brenner Thesis as Iberiantalism

Testing the Brenner Thesis Against Colonial Spain and Modern South Africa

British farming resisted mechanization until the 1850s

British farming and market imperatives

Capitalism, Slavery and the search for definitions

Capitalism and Slavery

Capitalism, slavery and primitive accumulation

Capitalism, slavery and the Brenner thesis, part 1 (Engerman-Fogel and Genovese)

Capitalism, slavery and the Brenner thesis, part 2 (Class and racial oppression prior to Reconstruction)

Capitalism, slavery and the Brenner thesis, part 3 (Reconstruction)

Capitalism, slavery and the Brenner thesis, part 4 (Marx, Lenin and various Trotskyists)

Capitalism, slavery and the Brenner thesis, part 5 (Henry Villard: portrait of a Radical Republican)

John Clegg's "Capitalism and Slavery"

Colonialism, monarchy and soil improvement

Commercial Capitalism

The New History of Capitalism, its detractors, and the American Indian

Neil Davidson, bourgeois revolutions and the transition to capitalism

Neil Davidson,was there a bourgeois revolution? (part 2)

Neil Davidson (1957-2020): an appreciation

Ricardo Duchesne on the "transition debate"

Ricardo Duchesne: the Marxist-Hegelian who became a White Nationalist

Does neo-feudalism define our epoch?

How the West Came to Rule: a work for the ages

Thoughts provoked by the HM Symposium on 'How the West Came to Rule'

Gerald Horne's "The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism"

Alan Knight: Brennerite Subalternist

Merchant Capitalism

Eric Mielants: The Origins of Capitalism and the Rise of the West

The transition to capitalism: is it in our genes?

More on is it in our genes?

Lenin's Tomb and the Brenner thesis

The tide turns against Political Marxism

Political Marxism and petty commodity production

Sweetness and Power

Sharecropper Nation

Slavery, technical progress and the sugar plantation

Gayatri Spivak vs. Vivek Chibber

Round two in the Robert Brenner-Vivek Chibber fight

The specter that is haunting Vivek Chibber: combined and uneven development

Town and Tawney

Turnips and the transition to capitalism

More on the turnip

Immanuel Wallerstein (1930-2019): an appreciation

Ellen Meiksins Wood: a political assessment

Ellen Meiksins Wood radio interview

A response to an Ellen Meiksins Wood Jacobin article

How did the universe begin? How will it end?