State and revolution

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Ahmad on Marx's India articles


The "anti-imperialist" backhanded support for the war on "al Qaeda"

Samir Amin's "Beyond U.S. Hegemony"

Is Anarchism, not Marxism, the more relevant left tradition?

Perry Anderson's Weberian turn

Ronald Aronson considers Leon Trotsky

Argentina, vulture funds, and Thomas Griesa

The Collapse of Argentina, part 1: Railway Imperialism

The Collapse of Argentina, part 2: The "Golden Age"

The Collapse of Argentina, part 3: Juan Peron

The Collapse of Argentina, part 4 (conclusion): the incredible shrinking economy

Bakunin: a Marxist critique

Bard College luminaries: enemies of democracy in the Middle East

Paul Baizerman--Presente!

The Belarus Formula

Leftist support for BRICS: a faith-based initiative

Heinrich Blucher: street-fighting man

Roland Boer: having his cake and eating it too

Reflections on Chechnya

Critical Muslim

Do the Greeks get it?

Greek anarchists and Greek politics

The Greek left: notes from afar

Chris Hedges and the black bloc

Chris Hedges and B. Traven debate the black bloc

The black bloc, jihadism, and Counterpunch

Holding the black bloc up to scrutiny

The black bloc and the Battle of Seattle

Black bloc, part 1: Italian autonomism

German autonomen: morality police

William Blum's follies

A reply to Jean Bricmont

Alex Callinicos debates New Zealand SWP over Venezuela

Castro and the Pope

Hugo Chavez, Monthly Review, and the Syrian torture state

A rejoinder to Vijay Prashad on the Islamic State

Syria and The National Interest

I run afoul of stringent British libel laws

Should the left be buoyed by the Syrian election?

In response to "Selling 'Peace Groups' on US-Led Wars

Imperialism, Counterhegemonic blocs, and the Syrian torture revolution

A tale of two conferences on Syria

In response to Jonathan Cook on Syria

Commentary on a Patrick Cockburn commntary

Jonathan Cook proves my point

Yarmouk, Jonathan Cook and the Baathist left

The Provenance of Mint Press News

Why Obama did not make war on Syria

Examining the Piccinin/Quirico testimony

Letter to John Bellamy Foster

When truth is the first casualty of warfare

In the Court of Leftist Public Opinion

Saudi Arabia joins the Axis of Resistance

Reading the NY Times on Syria

A response to the Jacobin on Kobane

Reading the NY Times on Syria, part 2

Can regional powers bring peace to Syria?

A guide for the perplexed on Syria

Were the Saudis and careless rebels responsible for the East Ghouta deaths?

The Arab Revolt and the conspiracist left

Buyer's remorse over the Arab Spring

Hamid Dabashi, Vijay Prashad, Syria, and the left

Interview with a Syrian-American helping Aleppo

David Bromwich's miscues on Syria

Prospects for the Syrian revolution

The Houla Massacre

Once again on that Arab League report on Syria

Sept. 2nd 2012 Rally for Syria in Washington

Sept. 22nd 2012 Rally for Syria in New York

Letter to the N.Y. Times ombudsman on Hugo Chavez

James Bloodworth and the real nightmare threatening Venezuela

Poverty reduction in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez and the Venezuealan Revolution, part one

Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Revolution, part two

Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Revolution, conclusion

Chile and the CP

China and Socialism

Notes on China's New Left

Che Guevara biography reviewed

The Juan Cole/Gilbert Achcar controversy

Revolution in Colombia, part 1--the historical background

Revolution in Colombia, part 2--guerrilla origins

Revolution in Colombia, part 3--guerrillas and cocaine

NACLA and Colombia

Reckless charges against the FARC

Costa Rica

Cuban Revolution

Did the Cuban Revolution enforce socialist realism?

A response to Owen Jones and James Bloodworth on Cuba

Alexander Cockburn, Marc Cooper and Castro's Cuba

Democracy in Cuba

Samuel Farber versus the Cuban Revolution, part one

Sam Farber article on Cuba in the ISR

Sam Farber's latest folly

Sam Farber, the ISO, and the Angolan Revolution

Sam Farber, the state capitalists and Cuba

How Czechoslovakia Became Communist

Ethiopian History and Politics

Reflections on the Egyptian revolution

Assessing the Egyptian crackdown on imperialist NGO's

Is firebombing a bank an acceptable tactic?

Mike Gonzalez on Hugo Chavez

Ghadars, Sikhs, M.N. Roy, German imperialism, and Alexander Berkmant

Sikh Human Rights Vigil at the U.N.

Was Che Guevara a Stalinist?

Hating Russian Orthodoxy

Vaclav Havel and the struggle for socialism in Czechoslovakia

Reflections on Iran

Edward S. Herman and David Peterson: flunkies for Ahmadinejad

Seymour Hersh and Richard Sale's senior moments

Seymour Hersh and his unnamed sources

Seymour Hersh as Dorian Gray

Theodore Postol falsifies the Seymour Hersh hypothesis

The Hong Kong protests and the conspiracist left

Libya, Syria, and left Islamophobia

Notes on Libya

Qaddafi and the Tuaregs

With the Libyan Rebel

Libya: a nightmare on the brains of the living

Edward S. Herman slipshod writing on Libya

Was Libya attacked because of its attitude toward AFRICOM?

What 5 years of Lexis-Nexis reveals about Libya and the West

Libya, the left, and journalistic integrity

In response to Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

Iran on the Brink, part one

Iran on the Brink, part two

A velvet revolution in Iran?

Answering an email on Iran

Haleh Esfandiari

Historical Materialism Conference 2013

Diana Johnstone, Qaddafi, and the dangers of rote thinking

The Eleanor and Ronnie Kasrils story

Ronnie Kasrils book party

Gabriel Kolko's "After Socialism"

Dear Dan Kovalik

Alan J. Kuperman: useful idiot">Alan J. Kuperman: useful idiot"

Liberation Theology

Mairead Maguire: pacification activist

Thoughts triggered by the passing of Nelson Mandela

Mexico and the left

The battle of Misurata

MRZine sinks to new lows

Monthly Review's love affair with the al-Assad dynasty

The NY Review versus Marxism


Nicaragua 25 years later: a reply to Lee Sustar

A sectarian version of the lessons of Nicaragua

Obama's Ghana speech

Otpor and the Egyptian student movement

Robert Parry's folly

Robert Parry up to his old tricks

The People Want

Legacy of Juan Peron

Public opinion polls and the left

The myth of Vladimir Putin's progressivism

Qaddafi and the left

Is Qaddafi an anti-racist?

The anti-anti-Qaddafi left

Qaddafi and the Monthly Review

Qatar, Hamas and IS

Red Star Over Russia

A reading guide for students of Marxism

Before there was Steven Salaita

Steven Salaita speaks at the New School

The scum that rises around the Steven Salaita firing

A reply to John Saul

Sectarianism Unbound

Does socialism have a future?

Does anyone ever get the revolution they asked for?

Socialism and religion: what Marx believed

Socialism and Islam

Socialism and democracy

Reimagining socialism

Gene Sharp's goal: liberty in a land of market imperatives

Teodor Shanin and George Soros

Reflections on Syriza

A panel discussion on Syriza

What's going on in Thailand?

Thoughts prompted by the coup in Thailand

Ahmet Tonak on the AKP-Gulenist confrontation

Uighur oppression

Uighur oppression

Yakunovych's ouster: the myth and the reality

Donetsk in Context

What's going on in the Ukraine?

The Ukrainian National Movement and Great Russian chauvinism

Ukrainian contradictions

Indefensible Marxism on Ukraine

Lenin's party, Great Russian chauvinism, and the betrayal of Ukrainian national aspirations

Is Russia imperialist?

What to make of state ownership of Gazprom

A time-ine for the Ukraine

On fascists holding ministerial posts in the Ukraine

Max Blumenthal tweets about the Ukraine?

Ukraine, Stalin, Hitler and the American liberal

The gangster bilionaire behind Ukraine's president

Michael Urmann Presente!

Why Third Way politics refuses to die

Elisabeth Young-Bruehl goes to Venezuela

How not to write about Venezuela

Ultraleft Counter-Revolutionaries in Venezuela

Zizek, Lenin and firing squads

Is democracy the enemy? A reply to Zizek.

ZNet Orwellianism

Zyuganov's Dilemma