The New Imperialism  

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Cecil Rhodes


1. Early Colonial Expansion in Africa

A. Pre-19th century colonization: Portuguese Angola and Dutch South Africa
B. The expansion of trade in the early 19th-century
C. Early 19th-century European settlers

2. Exploration in the Mid-Century

A. The Age of Quinine and Steamboats
B. The Rhetoric of Discovery

3. The Imperial Push of the 1880s

A. Imperial Incentives
B. The Scramble for Africa

Sites of Interest
The Age of Imperialism
NEW IMPERIALISM (1870 - 1914)
Politics of Imperialism
Economics of Imperialism
Lenin: Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism

The Great Trek
Henry Stanley
The Boer War
The Scramble for Africa
King Leopold and the Red Rubber Boom
The Berlin Conference
The Fashoda Crisis
Indirect Rule (Britain)
Direct Rule (France)

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