Voyages of Discovery

ancient-world-map-1482.jpg (89445 bytes)

German Map of the World from 1482


1. Before Columbus: Medieval European relations with the non-European world

A. Medieval isolation
B. The renewal of contacts with the East in the later Middle Ages
C. Imagining the East

2. Voyages of discovery: European encounters in the "New World"

A. Columbus, CortÚs, and the launching of the modern world system
B. The Portuguese and the trade triangle: sugar, slaves, gold

3. The culture of early modern colonialism

A. Possessive individuals and the conquest of the New World
B. Absolutism and imperial expansion



Atlantic commercial system
trade triangle


The Age of Discovery   Information and multiple links to sites on global exploration from the medieval to early modern period.

Columbus  A page of links about Columbus and the conquest of Hispaniola

The Mongols  A page of links about the Mongols

Brazilian History    Information and links to sites on the history of the colonial conquest of Brazil

Discoverers Web Homepage   Multiple links to sites on global exploration, from ancient to modern times

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