Lecture Outline #5:

The Noble Savage

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             The death of Captain Cook


1. Primitivism in the 18th century

a. Scientific Primitivism
b. Impact of Rousseau’s Romanticism on Primitivism
c. The sexy savage: the exotic as erotic

2. The Noble Savage and the State of Nature

a. "Primitive" Society as Model for the Old World
b. Freedom from the Old World

3. From Noble Savage to Cannibal

a. The Murder of Captain Cook
b. The Apotheosis of Captain Cook

Noble Savage
land seizure
possessive individualism
Captain Cook

Sites of interest
Cook's official instructions
Captain Cook: an overview
Homage to Cook: The World's Explorer
Hawaiian maps of the 18th century
Cook's biography
Hawaiian tattoos
Cook's and his crew's account of the visit
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