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Lecture #6

The Guinea Coast

Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation

The Middle Passage, pictorial

Middle Passage Homepage

Chronology On The History Of Slavery, 1619-1789

Slavery, an overview



Occidental slave trade
Oriental slave trade
African slave trade
slavery and social death




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African Diaspora in the Americas

The Slave Trade and European Capitalism

1. The Slave Trade to 1500

A. Slavery in Ancient Times
B. Medieval Slavery

2. Patterns of Slavery Post-1500

A. Rise of World Market in Slavery
B. The Expansion of the New World Plantation Economy

3. Slavery and European Capitalism

A. European Profit: the Williams thesis
B. Revising the Wiliams’s thesis: European productivity,
C. slavery's impact on the African economy

4. Capitalism and Abolitionism

A. Wage Labor versus Slave Labor