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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Array< T >
AthenaClass Athena: Parallel FE class that builds on FEAP
PromAggGridClass PromAggGrid: Aggregation grid base class (virtual)
PromAggNodeClass PromAggNode: Node class for aggregation multigrid
PromBankClass PromBank: memory managment for common objects
PromBitArrClass PromPC_base
PromCommPromComm (petsc)
PromCommSpecsClass PromCommSpecs: communication specifiacations
PromContextClass PromContext: global data
PromCoordClass PromCoord: a coodinate
PromCRClass PromCR
PromDTetClass PromDTet: Delaunay tetrahedron
PromElementClass PromElement (a partial class)
PrometheusClass Prometheus: main solver object
Prometheus_LinSysCoreClass Prometheus_LinSysCore:
PromFacetClass PromFacet: facet (of a polyhedron
PromGeoGridClass PromGeoGrid: Geometric MG grid
PromGeoNodeClass PromGeoNode: Node class for geometric multigrid
PromGlobalIDClass PromGlobalID (meant to be a partial class)
PromGridClass PromGrid: Base (virtual) grid class for Prometheus
PromGridBaseClass PromGridBase: Base (virtual) grid class for PromGrid
PromHexClass PromHex: a hexaheron
PromLocalIDClass PromLocalID
PromMapPromMap (petsc)
PromMaterialClass PromMaterial: FE material
PromMatrixClass PromMatrix
PromMatrix_baseClass PromMatrix_base
PromMGClass PromMG
PromMPINodeClass PromMPINode: Utility class for communication
PromNodeClass PromNode: Base node class (virtual)
PromNodeBaseClass PromNodeBase: (very) Base node class
PromNPolyClass PromNPoly: arbitray polygon
PromParentClass PromParent: Semantically an entry in a restriction operator
PromParentArrClass PromParentArr: Array of PromParent
PromParentArr_extraClass PromParentArr_extra: Array of PromParent
PromParentBankClass PromParentBank
PromPCClass PromPC
PromPC_baseClass PromPC_base
PromPCGaussSeidelClass PromPCGaussSeidel
PromPCKKT_SegClass PromPCKKT_Seg
PromPCMGClass PromPCMG
PromPCNodalASMClass PromPCNodalASM
PromPolyClass PromPoly: Bsse class for polyhedron
PromProjKKTSolverClass PromProjKKTSolver
PromShellClass PromShell: a quadrilateral shell
PromSolverClass PromSolver - base solver object
PromStackClass PromStack (partial class)
PromSymbGeoDataClass PromSymbGeoData: data for setup (symbolic) in geometric multigrid
PromUzawaSolverClass PromUzawaSolver
PromVectorClass PromVector
PromVector_baseClass PromVector_base
RBTree< Key, Value >

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