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PromNode Class Reference

class PromNode: Base node class (virtual) More...

#include <prom_node.hh>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int LiftCopy (const PromNode *const a)
virtual int Copy (const PromMPINode &a)
virtual int Write (int **ppb) const =0
virtual int Read (PromParentBank *const bank, int **ppb)=0
virtual int GetWrite_size (int &sz) const =0
virtual int Die (PromBank *bank)=0
virtual int LiftCopyIn (PromMPINode *mpinode) const
virtual int getNextNDF () const =0
virtual void reset ()
virtual int Archive (FILE *file=stderr, const PromArchiveType type=PROM_PRINT)
int nParents () const
int SetnParents (PromParentBank *const bank, const int i)
PromNodegetParent () const
bool isBound () const
bool isExtended () const
bool isGhost () const
bool isFixed () const
bool isFixed (int type) const
bool isEqualFixed (const PromNode *node) const
bool isMoreFixed (const PromNode *node) const
bool isAllFixed () const
int minAdjInSel () const
int SetMinAdjInSel (unsigned int i)
int nChildInSel () const
int SetnChildInSel (unsigned int i)
bool skipSmooth () const
int SetSkipSmooth (bool b=TRUE)

Public Attributes

PromSymbData * symbData_

Detailed Description

class PromNode: Base node class (virtual)

Pure virtual base node class

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