Marshall Alan Rogers-Martinez
Michael and me

Campus Mailbox (No longer in use):
3948 Lerner Hall
New York, NY 10027

2820 Menlo Avenue #4
Los Angeles, CA 90007

541 Rodriguez Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

600 W 113th Street #10C5
New York, NY 10027

2119 N Beachwood Drive #11
Los Angeles, CA 90068

549 W 113th Street #1I
New York, NY 10025

400 W 119th Street #11O
New York, NY 10027

601 W 139th Street #22
New York, NY 10031

250 S Kenmore Avenue #104
Los Angeles, CA 90004

About me:
I love math and science, and enjoy leisurely bike rides around New York City, Los Angeles and my hometown, Santa Cruz, CA. I also tolerate my cat Nala.
My hobbies consist of programming, biking, photography, cooking (when I have time) and anything else that "floats my boat."
I am currently reading Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington
In the past I was a UseIT intern at USC SCEC in Los Angeles, CA
My webpage at Nevis can be found here
My webpage at SCEC can be found here.
My webpage at USC can be found here.
My Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Cell Phone: (831) 246-4029
E-mail: or