Columbia Discrete Math Seminar

Day & Time Tuesday, 5-6
Location The location of the seminar will (almost) alternate between 303n Mudd and 507 Math. Please see the detailed schedule below. Click on the links to see Mudd and Mathematics on the campus map.

Speakers for the Fall Semester 2008

September 9, 507 Math Avi Wigderson (IAS) Randomness extractors

September 16, 507 Math Eli Berger (Haifa University) On a conjecture of Linial and Berge

September 23, 507 Math Ben McClosky (Columbia University) Degree-bounded induced subgraphs

September 30, No seminar

October 7, 303 Mudd Zeev Dvir (IAS) The finite field Kakeya conjecture

October 14, 507 Math Gil Kalai (Hebrew University and Yale) Noise Sensitivity of Boolean Functions and Percolation

October 21, 303 Mudd Dan Cranston (DIMACS and Bell Labs) Colorings, Crossings, and Cliques

October 28, 507 Math Jacob Fox (Princeton) Large induced trees in K_r-free graphs

November 4 No seminar---election day

November 11, 303 Mudd Bernard Ries (Columbia) On blockers and transversals

November 18, 507 Math Dan Bienstock (Columbia) Recent results on lifted formulations for integer programs

November 25 No seminar---early Thanksgiving break

December 2, 622 Math , 4 pm Please note the unusual time and place!!! Van Vu (Rutgers) On Erdos conjecture on square-free sets

Past Talks

Spring 2008

Fall 2007

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