Columbia Discrete Math Seminar

Day & Time Tuesday, 3-4
Location The location of the seminar will alternate between 303 Mudd and 622 Math. Please see the detailed schedule below. Click on the links to see Mudd and Mathematics on the campus map.

Speakers for the Fall Semester 2009

September 15, 622 Math Andrew King (Columbia) Fractional total colourings of graphs of high girth

September 22, 303 Mudd !!Please note the room change!! Paul Seymour (Princeton) Well-quasi-ordering tournaments and Rao's degree-sequence conjecture

September 29, 622 Math Don Goldfarb (Columbia) Fast First-Order Methods for Semidefinite Programming Relaxationsof Combinatorial Optimization Problems

October 6, 303 Mudd Julia Wolf (Rutgers) The minimum number of monochromatic 4-term progressions

October 13, 622 Math Hamed Hatami (Princeton/IAS) Graph norms and Sidorenko's conjecture

October 20, 303 Mudd Sergey Norin (Princeton) Counting flags in digraphs

October 27, 622 Math Wesley Pegden (Rutgers) Applying a Local Lemma to Thue game

November 3, No seminar---University Holiday

November 10, 303 Mudd Yori Zwols (Columbia) Fractionally and integrally co-strongly perfect c law-free graphs

November 17, 622 Math Alexandra Fradkin (Princeton) A polynomial algorithm for the edge-disjoint paths problem in tournaments

November 24, 303 Mudd Tony Jebara (Columbia) MAP Estimation with Perfect Graphs

December 1, 303 Mudd Liviu Ilinca (Rutgers) The Number of 3-SAT Functions

Past Talks

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