Columbia Discrete Math Seminar

Day & Time Tuesday, 4:30-5:30 This semester the seminar will take place in 303 Mudd. Click on this link to see Mudd on the campus map.

Speakers for the Fall Semester 2011

September 13 303 Mudd Paul Seymour (Princeton) Tutte's three-edge-coloring conjecture

September 20 303 Mudd Irena Penev (Columbia) Coloring Bull-Free Perfect Graphs

September 27 303 Mudd Ron Aharoni (Technion) Erdos-Ko-Rado like theorems for rainbow matchings

October 4 303 Mudd Eli Berger (Haifa University) On the strong coloring of graphs with bounded degree

October 11 303 Mudd Stefan van Zwam (Princeton) Fragility in matroid theory

October 18 303 Mudd Andrew King (SFU) Optimal decompositions of quasi-line trigraphs

October 25 303 Mudd Matthieu Plumettaz (Columbia) The structure of claw-free perfect graphs

November 1 Martin Loebl (Charles University, Prague) Perfect matchings and 2-dimensional graph embeddings.

November 8 No seminar---Election Day

November 15 303 Mudd Kathrine Edwards (Princeton) Packing T-joins in Planar Graphs

November 22 303 Mudd Balazs Szegedy (University if Toronto and IAS) Recent progress on Sidorenko's Conjecture

November 29 303 Mudd Ankur Moitra (IAS) Vertex Sparsification

December 6 303 Mudd No seminar

Past Talks

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