Columbia Discrete Math Seminar

Day & Time Tuesday, 4-5
Location The location of the seminar will alternate between 317 Mudd and 622 Math. Please see the detailed schedule below. Click on the links to see Mudd and Mathematics on the campus map.

Speakers for the Spring Semester 2008

February, 5, 622 Math Joel Spencer (NYU) Propp's Deterministic Realization of Random Walk

February, 12, 317 Mudd Jan Vondrak (Princeton) Combinatorial allocation and submodular maximization over matroids

February, 19, 622 Math Xander Faber (Columbia) Foster coefficients and the Jacobian of a metric graph

February, 26, No seminar

March, 4 No seminar

March, 11, 317 Mudd Andrew King (McGill) Bounding the chromatic number of claw-free graphs

March, 18 No seminar---spring break

SPECIAL SEMINAR March, 24, 4 pm Math 622 Ron Aharoni (The Technion) A topological version of Hall's theorem

March, 25, 622 Math Noga Alon (Tel-Aviv University / IAS) Sparse universal graphs

April, 1, 317 Mudd Dillon Mayhew (Victoria University) Binary matroids with no M(K3,3)-minors

April, 8, No seminar

April, 15, 622 Math Alexandra Ovetsky Fradkin (Princeton) Hadwiger's conjecture for quasi-line graphs

April, 22, 317 Mudd Jim Orlin (MIT) Matroid Parity Made Almost Simple

April, 29, No seminar

Past Talks

Fall 2007

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