Columbia Discrete Math Seminar

Day & Time Tuesday, 5:30-6:30
Location The location of the seminar will alternate between 303 Mudd and 507 Math. Please see the detailed schedule below. Click on the links to see Mudd and Mathematics on the campus map.

Speakers for the Spring Semester 2009

January 27 507 Math Marty Golumbic (University of Haifa) Algorithmic Graph Theory and its applications THIS TALK IS AT 5 PM!!!

February 3 303 Mudd Paul Seymour (Princeton) Packing seagulls

February 10 507 Math Gregory Bard (Fordham University) Exponential Generating Functions, High Powers of Random Permutations, and Very Iterated Block Ciphers

February 20 520 Math 3:45 pm Satyan Devadoss (Williams College) Topology of Particle Collisions PLEASE NOTE THE UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME

February 24 507 Math Mike Neiman (Rutgers) Negative correlation inequalities and log-concavity

March 3 303 Mudd David Speyer (MIT) The cube and octahedron recurrences

March 10 507 Math Sergey Norin (Princeton) K_t minors in large t-connected graphs

March 17 No seminar---Spring Break

March 25 303 Mudd 3 pm Po-Shen Loh (Princeton and UCLA) Maximizing the number of colorings PLEASE NOTE THE UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME

March 31 303 Mudd Rama Cont (Columbia) Too interconnected to fail: contagion and risk in financial networks

April 7 507 Math Hoi H. Nguyen (Rutgers) On squares in sumsets

April 14 303 Mudd Jonathan L. Gross (Columbia) Link and Graph-Imbedding Models for Cyclic Weaving on Surfaces}

April 21 507 Math Yori Zwols (Columbia) Large cliques or stable sets in graphs with no P_4 and no P_5^c

April 28 303 Mudd Sanjeev Arora (Princeton) Semidefinite programming and approximation algorithms: A survey of recent results

Past Talks

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