Columbia Discrete Math Seminar

Day & Time Tuesday, 3:30-4:30 This semester the seminar will take place in 317 Mudd. Click on this link to see Mudd on the campus map.

Speakers for the Spring Semester 2012

January 24 317 Mudd Melvyn Nathanson (Lehman College and CUNY Graduate Center) On the fractional parts of the roots of a real number

January 31 317 Mudd Swastik Kopparty (Rutgers) The Complexity of Powering in Finite Fields

February 7 317 Mudd This talk will take place at 4:30. Please note the unusual time! Assaf Naor (NYU) Grothendieck's inequality and the propeller conjecture

February 14 317 Mudd Wesley Pegden (NYU) The fractal nature of the Abelian Sandpile

February 21 317 Mudd Stavros Kolliopoulos (University of Athens and Columbia) Planar Disjoint-Paths Completion

February 28 317 Mudd Irena Penev (Columbia) Scott's Conjecture for Necklaces

March 6 317 Mudd Amanda Redlich (Rutgers) Logic, parity, and graph decompositions

March 13 317 Mudd no seminar

March 20 317 Mudd no seminar

March 27 317 Mudd no seminar

April 3 317 Mudd Vineet Goyal (Columbia) Approximation Algorithms for Robust and Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Problems

April 10 317 Mudd Van Vu (Yale) On the singular probability of random Bernoulli matrices

April 17 317 Mudd Benjamin Matschke (IAS) On the diameter of polytopes

April 24 317 Mudd Timothy DeVries (Haverford) Counting by Climbing

Past Talks

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