FY-Langes is an interactive spatial installation designed and built by 10 students at Columbia University’s GSAPP. FY-Langes was on display on campus at the end of year show in May 2012, and was selected as part of the FIGMENT NYC project that took place on Governor’s Island, New York June 9-10th, 2012.

The system is built entirely of packing foam which was transformed into its constructed system through digital scripting and fabrication processes. The overall form is derived from a series of unrolled strands of phalanges, each of which is looped over on itself to form one unit bale. Multiple bales are connected through a tabbing system integrated within the scripting and fabrication processes. The parametric nature of the design-to-fabrication sequence allowed the team to sculpt the final installation piece all the way up to fabrication time. A nesting strategy during fabrication also provided the project with 99% material efficiency.

FY-Langes is designed to be a flexible, adaptable and reconfigurable system in the sense that it can have a life beyond the initially designed form while still maintaining its initial design intent of tactility, responsiveness and user-generated interaction. Its strands can be used collectively to build a composite form or can work on their own. It is also adaptable and flexible in the way it can be staged in any particular site. Other uses include but are not limited to: wall/ceiling installations, furniture, outdoor components.