You have come to the perfect place to find friendly pterodactyls to help you through your day and to give you a break form your tiresome internet adventures. Look around, click around, and relax for a bit with other winged friends from the Triassic period. While this site is not quite comprehensive, and does not claim to be an authority on Pterodactyl dilemmas.

WEEEEEEOOOOOOSHHHH YOU ARE FLYING THROUGH THE SKY AND YOU CAN SEE ALL AROUND YOU MANY OTHER "BIRD" TYPE ANIMALS --- WATCH OUT FOR THE T-REX AND FOR THOSE LOW HANGING BRANCHES!! This is probably what you would want to listen to if you were a pterodactyl, enjoy!soundtrack Whatever information you may still want to find out about these wild, free spirited creatures can probably be found on this page: HERE!

I hope that this has been an enjoyable experience. You are welcome back anytime your wings need a rest from the harsh and trecherous world of flying asteroids. Lastly, here are some more images to savor: