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Gong, M., Baron, J. and H. Kunreuther. 2009. “Group Cooperation Under Uncertainty”. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 39(3): 251-270.

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Appendix to the above paper.

Gong, M., Heal, G., Krantz, D., Kunreuther, H., and E. Weber. “The Role of Subsidies in Coordination Games with Interconnected Risk.” Forthcoming in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.


Working Papers

Liersch, M. J, Rottenstreich, Y., Kunreuther, H., and Gong, M. " Testing Between Accounts of the Endowment Effect: Reference-Dependent versus Connection-Based Accounts of the Endowment Effect ." In preparation for submission for publication.

Gong, M., Baron, J., and H. Kunreuther. “Fairness Perception and Decisions Under Uncertainty.”  In preparation for submission for publication.

Gong, M., Baron, J. and H. Kunreuther. “When does uncertainty reduce inter-group competition and encourage inter-group cooperation?” Working paper.

Working Projects

“Choice Overload among Group Consumers.”

"Group Polarization Reconsidered." With Geoff Goodwin. First-round data collection completed.

“When Fate is at Play – Strategic Uncertainty in a Prisoner’s Dilemma Game”. With Howard Kunreuther.

“Turbulent Societal Change and Conspicuous Consumption Culture - Energy Paradox in China.” With Amy Shi.


Dissertation in Psychology. “Group Cooperation Under Uncertainty”.
You can also download a ppt file that summarizes the above dissertation here.

Dissertation in Economics. General Equilibrium Ecological Model in Practical Use --------An Alternative Population Dynamics Model for Interacting Species and Its Applications in Resource Economics.

Other Activities

As a Chinese, I am very interested in how cultural differences influence people's decision processes. I am currently in the process of setting a Chinese subject pool that recruits participants directly from China for online studies.

If you are interested in running studies using my Chinese subject pool or participating in the maintenance of the subject pool, please contact me regarding the Chinese subject pool .



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The Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center

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American Economic Association


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