Michael Riordan -- Papers


Product Improvement in a Winner-Take-All Market, September 2013.

Estimating the Impact of Low-Income Universal Service Programs (with Daniel Ackerberg, David R. DeRemer, Greg Rosston, and Brad Wimmer), May 2013.

Outsourcing, Vertical Integration, and Cost Reduction (with Simon Loertscher), May 2013.

Ainít it "Suite"? Bundling in the PC Office Software Market (with Neil Gandal and Sarit Markovich), March 2013.

Preferences, Prices, and Performance in Multiproduct Industries (with Yongmin Chen), July 2011.

Capital Markets Constrain Industry Scale (with Eslyn Jean-Baptiste), September 2003.


Profitability of Price Bundling, (with Yongmin Chen), gated, ungated

International Economic Review, 54, February 2013.

Competitive Effects of Vertical Integration, gated, ungated

Handbook of Antitrust Economics, Paolo Buccirossi (ed.), MIT Press, 2008.

Price-Increasing Competition (with Yongmin Chen) gated ungated

The RAND Journal of Economics, 39, Winter 2008.

Price and Variety in the Spokes Model (with Yongmin Chen) gated, ungated

The Economic Journal, 117, July 2007.

Vertical Integration, Exclusive Dealing, and Ex Post Cartelization (with Yongmin Chen) gated, ungated

The RAND Journal of Economics, 38, Spring 2007.

Product Improvement and Technological Tying in a Winner-Take-All Market (with Richard Gilbert) gated, ungated

The Journal of Industrial Economics, 55, March 2007.

Universal Residential Telephone Service, ungated

Handbook of Telecommunications Economics, Cave, Majumdar, and Vogelsang (eds.), Elsevier Science, 2002.

Health Insurance, Moral Hazard, and Managed Care (with Ching-to Albert Ma) gated, ungated

The Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 11, Spring 2002.

Dynamics of Price Regulation (with Gary Biglaiser) gated, ungated

The RAND Journal of Economics, 31, Winter 2000.

Predatory Pricing: Response to Critique and Further Elaboration (with Patrick Bolton and Joseph Brodley) ungated

The Georgetown Law Journal, 89, 2000.

Predatory Pricing: Strategic Theory and Legal Policy (with Patrick Bolton and Joseph Brodley) ungated

The Georgetown Law Journal, 88, 2000.

An Economist's Perspective on Universal Residential Telephone Service ungated

The Internet Upheaval: Raising Questions, Seeking Answers in Communications Policy, Ingo Vogelsang and Benjamin M. Compaine (eds.), MIT Press, 2000.


Notes on Competitive Local Exchange Service: Prepared for a Conference

Designing Russia's Telecommunications Regulatory Reforms: Theory and International Experience, Moscow, June 27-28, 2003.

How Do Capital Markets Influence Product Market Competition?

Written version of keynote presentation to inaugural International Industrial Organization Conference, Boston, April 4-5, 2003.