El Nino & La Nina

Now switched to ERSSTv5

PDF, data through October 2019. Data source: NOAA Climate Prediction Center , last modified: 2019/11/04.

Comparison of different ERSST versions

NOAA gives OISST.v2 figure.

PDF, data through June 2019, last modified: 2019/07/15.

Temperature and precipitation anomalies for the season of the maximum El Nino strength -- Dec-Jan-Feb. Data source: Temperature GISS and Precipitation NOAA's PRECipitation REConstruction Dataset (last modified 2017/10/01)

(last modified 2018/01/04)

Temperature anomaly in GISS analysis. The base periods are shifted. (last modified: 2013/05/06)

PDF, data through October 2019, data source: NOAA Climate Prediction Center, last modified: 2019/11/01.

Data through September 2019 last modified: 2019/10/03.

Surface temperature data (now with GHCN v3.3.0 and ERSST v4) and upper 300 m Nino region ocean data are through May 2016, last modified: 2016/06/18.

See also NOAA weekly ENSO 30+ presentation pages.