El Nino & La Nina

PDF, data through January 2015, data source: NOAA Climate Prediction Center , last modified: 2015/02/04.
NOAA gives OISST.v2 figure. The difference between ERSST.V3B and OISST.v2 is shown in this figure (2014/10/04).

The numbers in [ ] are the 3-month running means of ERSST v3b Nino 3.4 temperature anomalies with 1981-2010 base period, and those outside [ ] are the global mean surface temperature anomalies with 1951-1980 base period. (last modified 2012/04/05)

(last modified 2014/06/21)

PDF, data through April 2013, last modified: 2013/05/06.

PDF, data through February 2015, data source: NOAA Climate Prediction Center, last modified: 2015/03/01.

data through December 2014, last modified: 2015/01/05.

Surface temperature data (now with GHCN3 and ERSST) and upper 300 m Nino region ocean data are through November 2014, last modified: 2014/12/17.

See also NOAA weekly ENSO 30+ presentation pages.