Errata in first edition of "Storms of My Grandchildren"

Page 6, Figure 1: Bars showing the contributions of CH4, CFCs and N2O to "Other Greenhouse Gases" and "Ozone" are not accurate. The corrected figure is given in the Figures of "Storms" in Color page.

Page 39, line 2: "Homo sapien" should be "Homo sapiens".

Page 145, 8th line from bottom: "Homo sapiens have existed" should be "has existed".

Page 174, Figure 22 caption: (1750-2006) should be (1751-2008).

Page 180, 5th line from bottom: "leave its oil" should be "their oil".

Page 187, 10th line from bottom: "demostrating" should be "demonstrating".

Page 199, 12th line from bottom: "liquid sodium in noncorrosive" change "in" to "is".

Page 226, line 7 about deuterium: "two neutrons" should be "a neutron in addition to the usual proton".

Page 233, line 7: figure 13 (page 106) should be figure 18 (page 153).

Page 235, lines 8 and 11: "3 gigatons" should be "3,000 gigatons", and line 14-15: "Three gigatons" should be "Three thousand gigatons".

Page 235, line 13: "5- to 9-degree-Celsius" should be "5 to 9 degrees Celsius".

Page 235, line 18: "all of fossil fuels" should be "all of the fossil fuels".

Page 278, line 24: "Hughes Memorial Foundation, which has been permitted me" should be "Hughes Memorial Foundation, which has permitted me".