Global Precipitation

Using Deutscher Wetterdienst Global Preciptation Climatology Centre (GPCC),

Same data enlarged for some areas of interest.

Data: First Guess Monthly of monthly precipitation anomalies based on SYNOP messages of approx. 7,000 stations arriving with DWD (Offenbach).

Citation: Ziese, Markus; Becker, Andreas; Finger, Peter; Meyer-Christoffer, Anja; Rudolf, Bruno; Schneider, Udo (2011): GPCC First Guess Product at 1.0B0: Near Real-Time First Guess monthly Land-Surface Precipitation from Rain-Gauges based on SYNOP Data. DOI: 10.5676/DWD_GPCC/FG_M_100

Last updated 2023/01/03

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Some US cities

Pasadena, CA (Last updated 2018/02/01)
near Denison, Iowa (Last updated 2018/02/01)
near Omaha, Nebraska (Last updated 2019/09/25)
New York City Central Park: line graph, color graph (Last updated 2018/10/07)