Species Loss

<><><> Monarch Butterflies <><><>


Data source: Brower, L.P. et al., Decline of monarch butterflies overwintering in Mexico: is the migratory phenomenon at risk? Insect Conservation and Diversity (2012), 5, 95-100. Updates use Journey North etc. Last updated 2022/03/15.


Migratory monarch butterfly now Endangered - IUCN Red List (2022/07/27)

<><><> Fireflies <><><>

Are Fireflies Disappearing? Farmers' Almanac (2021/02/08)

<><><> North American Birds <><><>

Three billion North American birds have vanished since 1970 Science (2019/09/19)

<><><> Polar Bears <><><>

Are Polar Bears Endangered? Polar Bears International

<><><> Other Endangered Species <><><>

Endangered Species U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service